LoveClothing - Milla Patent Boot


The lovely people at LoveClothing picked me as their #LoveMondays winner a few weeks ago. This is a competition they run on their Instagram. You post an item of clothing you'd like off their website, and one winner gets picked each week! Pretty cool huh? 
That lucky person was me, yay! I decided on these awesome chunky chelsea boots! You can purchase them here, they're still available but things sell out pretty quick on LoveClothing!
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chelsea boots

Urban Outfitters Picks - haveyouseen


Denim Shirt - (Here)
Split Front Sheer Maxi - (Here)
Denim Jacket - (Here)
Turtleneck Dress - (Here)
Vans - (Here)
Chelsea Boots - (Here)

Here are a few of my picks off the Urban Outfitters website! I'd have picked more but I had to stop myself haha! I've been looking for a new denim shirt, and this one is perrrrrfect, I love the oversized slouch shape, but...I shall have to wait as it's quite expensive *boooooo* 
I've also been after a mesh/sheer dress for months now, they just look so grungey and awesome and arghhh I need one! Some of these items have just come on sale as well, so if you see any you like, be quick to snap them up!

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Pinterest Post: BEDROOM IDEAS


In February I'm going to be redecorating my room as it hasn't been done for about 6 years and is a little bit 15 year old me and just doesn't suit me anymore. I'm going to be shabby-chic'ing my old furniture and adding some floral decorations to some! These are the colours I'm feeling right now. Really pale greys and creams, with some muted pinks or purples. A really cool toned room with a few subtle splashes of colour. I shall keep you posted on the developments! And if my wardrobe painting goes well I shall blog it!
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I've done it, I've finally done it. I bought some Nike SB Janoski's! I've wanted some of these for ages now and I have finally purchased some. They arrived in the post today from Schuh, which might I add, I ordered these Sunday night and were here this morning (Tuesday), I'm so pleased with the postage. I'd recommend buying online from them. I got these beauties for an amazing £38. They should be £60 but as I have the feet of a child I can fit into the youth size, which are a hell of a lot cheaper. They should have been £43 and  with my 10% student discount they were £38, INCLUDING POSTAGE. I am a happy bunny right now.

Frankee x


Pinterest Post: SUIT UP


I'm loving this look right now. Whether it be a full on suit, adding a blazer to a casual outfit, or just pairing some cigarette pants with a cute tee.
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Pick The Right Degree For YOU


I started University in September 2014 at Nottingham Trent, after deciding to defer my place a year and do an Art Foundation. I had decided to do a History degree as I had always enjoyed History from a young age. I didn't do it at GCSE as my arty subjects were more my thing then (and still are). I picked Art, Drama, Media and Product Design over picking anything to do with Humanities. But, at A-Level I thought it was time to take my passion for History a little further and do it at A-Level. Truth is, I'm not naturally good at History. Everyone has that one area or subject they are just effortlessly good at, mine seems to be Art/Media/Fashion or performing.

My chosen career path is one involving the media industry whether it be TV presenting, research or working for some kind of fashion/lifestyle magazine. So in reality I probably don't need a specific degree to be doing TV Presenting but I felt that a History degree would grow my passion for History more and make me look like a person who is a good researcher and committed (History takes up a lot of your spare time, trust me)

My first day of uni consisted of people asking me if I was in the wrong room because they thought I was a fashion student. And this just stuck with me. Whenever I get asked what my degree is and I respond with "HISTORY", I just get blank looks and people telling me "Oh really? I'd never thought you'd do that! You look like a more creative person!" And this just bothers me because deep down I know Art/Media and Fashion is what I'm good at but I chose to ignore it as I thought this would be the better degree for my career. I'd been told by somebody in the media industry that doing a degree in either Broadcasting Journalism or TV/Film (Which I had planned on doing) was not taken seriously, and that a subject like History would stand out and is a "proper degree".So I thought, great! I love History. But in reality it's not what I expected. I should have just done a degree in something I really do have a passion for and that isn't a chore. History is a chore to me now, and that should not be the case when I am doing a degree in it(and spending a shit load of money on it). I should be excited to go to lectures and discover more about the world but I hate it. The only essay I have enjoyed writing so far has been a Media based one, about History in the film industry. I find myself sat in lectures trawling through fashion blogs, finding internships for MTV or drawing on my notebook instead of taking notes. I should be excited. I decided to write this blog post to tell people to ignore doing a degree they think "looks better" or is a "proper degree" or that someone wants them to do (i.e parents).

In my opinion, a degree is a degree. It shows you have spent 3/4 years of your life studying and working hard on a subject you love. People should just be able to pick whatever they want to do, whatever makes them happy. And this is something I wish I had done. It's constantly on my mind as to whether I should switch courses, and to be honest if I could right now I would, but then there's the voice in the back of my mind telling me to stick at it.This is also why I created this blog. I needed somewhere I could write about what interests me and write for enjoyment, not because I have to.

Sorry for the personal rant,
Frankee x

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