3 Vlogmas' You Should Be Watching


Every December I get so excited for Vlogmas. The majority of my favourite YouTuber's do it and my evenings are just filled with watching them! Here are my top 3 recommendations for which ones you should be watching, I love finding new channels to watch so I thought I'd share some with you. They're also my three favourite vloggers I've been enjoying the most all year round. 

Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

I've been watching Rhiannon for around 4 or 5 years now, I've always enjoyed her vlogs and this year her vlogs are the ones I click on first! If you enjoy family life, fashion and lifestyle vlogs check her out here

Leila Buffery

After Leila did Vlogtober I became completely obsessed with her vlogs. Being Vegan as well I was so fascinated by her recipes and baking and really inspired me to make sooooo much food. I really recommend her if you're into Veganism, lifestyle and cruelty free beauty. Also, Sophia is the cutest dog you'll ever see. Check out her channel here


Being a uni student myself I find Jess' vlogs so easy to relate to. Her vlogs inspire me to sort myself out and actually get my uni work done and go sit in a library ha. Watching a fellow student make their way through the last part of term to Christmas break lets you know its not just you. Her vlogs are also beautifully edited and her style is amazing. Check out her channel here

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What To Wear: Scrooge


I personally don't get into the Christmas spirit until about December 20th. So if you're like me you struggle to find a "festive" outfit for all of the Christmas meals, parties and all those other times you get told to dress "Christmassy". Here are a few items I've found that are festive but not screaming "MICHAEL BUBLE CHRISTMAS ALBUM". (This is pretty much a list of black things with a bit of glitter on them)

Urban Outfitters

Pins & Needles Metallic Pleated Skirt
This beaut is in the sale for £25! Metallic but not too sparkly.


Scallop Mix Lace Dress
I almost bought this for my work party but decided to be "sensible" and wear something I already owned. Don't regret it at all...nope...

Star Print Ruffle Blouse
I'm obsessed with this shade of green right now, its so pretty and kinda the same colour as a Christmas tree, therefore FESTIVE.

Glitter Strappy Culotte Jumpsuit
I think I own about 30 culotte jumpsuits, and there is always room for more


Smock dresses are my favourite, and this one has a little sparkle.

Tartan = Christmas

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MakeSpace: Dream Closet


Image from: MakeSpace

Creating My Dream Closet

I began my search with the obvious choice, a hunt on Pinterest for inspiration. I would most definitely have to have a walk in wardrobe. I think I've wanted a walk in wardrobe ever since I first saw The Princess Diaries (SHUT UP) 

I love the look of rails. I'd have one set up similar to the photo below with just a few of my favourite clothing items or I'd swap it over to match with what season it is!

Image from: Pinterest
I like the idea of it being a room I could also get ready in. I'd probably put a small dressing table in there and my record player. In my dreams I'd have to convert half the room into an art studio and half a wardrobe. I'd love a little room just for all my art stuff where I could sit and draw all day.

Image from: Pinterest

Image from: Pinterest

Everything would have to look minimal, so lots of drawers to hide things (mess) in would be perfect. My favourite colours are black and grey so the room would fit with the theme of black and grey minimalism. I wouldn't put anything girly in the room kinda like the images I've included has done. Instead there would probably be a band flag rather than a Chanel frame haaaaa. But similar to the photos, there would be hundreds of succulents.
 And if this is a dream closet I'd have a pet bed in there, for my dream doge. 


This has inspired me to make the most of my wardrobe space I currently have. If  like me you're a bit of a clothing hoarder, the MakeSpace flowchart might help you become a bit more ruthless with what you should keep or give away! If you haven't heard of them before, MakeSpace is a storage company! Their blog has a lot of different articles on ways to keep organised.

Image from: MakeSpace
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What I Wore: Malta


This year I went on my first "winter holiday", early November is basically winter in the UK because it is freezing. Me & my boyfriend spent a week in Malta and it was so nice, even if we did have a thunderstorm for two days. (We spent those two days bowling, he claims he won but actually I am the better bowler ;) )

Here are a few of the outfits I wore! (Items are linked if still available)


Dress - ASOS
Sandals - ASOS
Bag - Lush

I wore this for our first day of exploring and I ended up wearing it about 4 more times....I LOVE THIS DRESS.


Dress - ASOS
Shoes - Stan Smith (No they're not vegan, yes I am vegan, they're old minging shoes so I took them on holiday as it didn't matter if they got filled with sand)
Sunglasses - Primark

Again this dress ended up being worn a few times. It's so cute. These photos were taken at an abandoned hotel on the tiny island of Comino. We weren't even supposed to go there but the boat trip from hell took us there. That trip is a whole blog post in itself. I feel like I could take this into winter with a black high neck long sleeve top underneath maybe?


Bikini - ASOS (Top & Bottom)

If it wasn't obvious already my whole holiday wardrobe was pretty much from ASOS. I'm a little addicted. It's one of the only places that does clothes in my size (a blog post about this is currently being written) I actually got two bikinis but only got a photo of this one! Plus its now in the sale so if you like it, be quick!


Dunagree Dress - Primark
Hoodie - ASOS
Shoes - Converse

Not the best photo but this was my staple outfit for the few rainy cold days we had. Which basically meant stealing my boyfriends hoodie (soz bae) Here I am holding 3 bags of Hummus crisps infront of the perfect Instagram door obvs.

Also if I actually have any readers you may notice the new layout. 4 hours of HTML hell later we have the perfect minimal blog design. Let me know what you think!



ASOS A/W Wishlist


ASOS is killing me right now. Anything oversized, monochome or stripy just catches my eye and everything on there at the moment seems to be just that. Here are a few items from my saved list/items I've purchased!

Spotty Dunagrees (Totally got these)

Monki Duster Jacket (Might have bought this as well...)

Monki Midi Shirt Dress (And I bought this too, oops)

Frankee x


OOTD: Pink


Trousers - Zara
Jacket - H&M
Top - Band Merch
Shoes - Vans
Bag - Primark

Yes, I'm wearing pink. This blush pink colour seems to be everywhere at the minute. I usually avoid buying something that every man and his dog has (cause I'm such a massive hipster obvs, lol) because it just makes me feel uncreative and like I look like everyone else. If that makes any sense at all. Anyway, these trousers are just beauts. I went back and got them in navy and white polka dot too. I love anything with a tie waist, it's hard to find something that perfectly fits my waist (small person problems DO EXIST) and these fit like a dream thanks to the tie. Zara is just perfection this autumn. 


Music: Pinegrove


I've had this album on repeat this month, completely obsessed. I'll be seeing them on 3rd October as well, so excited. Size of the Moon is my personal fave.


OOTD: Dungarees


Top - French Connection
Dungarees - Topshop
Bandana - New Look
Shirt - The Whitepepper

I'm back, again. I can't believe I haven't posted about dungarees before. They might be my ultimate item of clothing, eveeeeer. I have these and two dungaree dresses, they just make me feel like I've made an effort with my outfit even though I've just shoved an old shirt on underneath. This outfit pretty much sums me up. No colour, stripes and trainers. I have been venturing out into a little more colour recently but only as exciting as baby pink lolz. Maybe one day I'll venture out of monochrome!  My plan was to blog loads over summer but clearly that didn't happen. My bad. I go back to uni in 2 weeks so hopefully I'll have a few more exciting things to share.

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