Bleach London Violet Skies: My Review


I've been feeling kind of bored with my hair recently so I decided to go "crazy" and put some lilac in my hair. I use Bleach London's Silver Shampoo and their White Toner so decided to stick with their brand. Violet Skies is a non-permanent hair colourant that works on white/light blonde hair and lasts for 2-10 washes. To me I'd consider the ends of my hair to be light blonde, which is where I wanted to apply the product.
Now, before I continue my first piece of advice before using this product....DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOTTLE. 

On the bottle it says to apply to towel dried shampooed hair and leave for 15 minutes. This left NO colour on my hair whatsoever. So, my brain got thinking. I then dried my hair and applied the product straight on DRY HAIR. I left it on for around 40 minutes. This product contains no bleach so it's safe to leave it on longer than 15 minutes. The results this time were the complete opposite. It only took to the proper bleached light blonde highlights in my hair, but it worked! If you're wanting a bright purple I do not recommend Violet Skies but this was the perfect shade of lilac I wanted. I'd suggest this for people wanting that grey/lilac hair that's super popular right now. Great for if you fancy a change of colour but nothing permanent. 



I'm currently on DAY 2 and the colour has stayed, I have washed my hair once but it didn't fade too much. I'm having my hair coloured again next week and will be going lighter, I'll deffo try this again when I have even lighter hair.


 Hope you found this helpful if you've had trouble with this product too! Let me know in the                                                                                         comments 
Frankee x


Pinterest Post: BOOTS


I'm usually just a trainer girl myself but recently I've been finding myself pinning so many boots on my Pinterest. I'm especially loving the grey and black snake skin pair oooooo myyyyyyy.

All photos from Pinterest, find them on my shoe board here 


OOTD: Grey


Shirt - New Look 
Shoes - Vans
Trousers - Topshop
Neckerchief - Depop
Jacket - Vintage

These high waisted trousers from Topshop are my current obsession. They just fit SO nicely. And I love the D-rings, this means that I actually have a pair of trousers that fit my waist! Hurrahhhh. I also bit the bullet and bought some new Vans (not that I don't have enough anyway). I really want to do more outfit posts but I have nowhere to take good photos and I don't feel like my style is interesting enough, but here I am stood in the rain in my pathetic excuse for a back garden.

Frank x


The 6 Definitive Coats -


Struggling to find the perfect winter coat? Well if you're anything like me then yes. I'm in desperate need of a coat but I just can't find the right one! Luckily FarFetch have come out with their latest infographic based around the 6 definitive coats of the season. And, it is a lifesaver! I wish I could pull of the ANKLE GRAZER, but being 5ft 4 I don't think it would be much of an ankle grazer! 
Take a look below for some inspiration!

 "Brush up on your manners this season, as AW15 heralds the return of the frightfully proper English heritage coat. Savile Row mainstays such as Prince of Wales check, nubby tweed and houndstooth look modern again, especially when worn with off-kilter accessories and your favourite granny handbag."

 "Wild thing fur has been high on the fashion agenda for a few season now, so don't dismiss it as just  a bit of fluff - it's here to stay. Marni's alpaca rainbow is the only thing you'll want to snuggle into when the chill sets in, and it ill warm the cockles of your heart as much as it does your frozen limbs."

 "Cut a formidable silhouette as the nights begin to draw in, with Maison Margiela's floor-sweeping showstopper. The long coat requires three things: height, grace and attitude. It's a perfect nod to the season's Victorian trend - just add stomping lace-up boots and a little Jack-the-Ripper menace."

 The quickest way to make your existing wardrobe stand to attention this AW15? Top it off with a commanding military cape. Sacai's smart double line of brass buttons is key to ensuring you stay on the frontline of style."

 "Nothing makes you look expensive like winter whites - and not just because of the dry-cleaning bills. Shades like oyster, cream and purest snow white lift winter complexions and add freshness to your look. The hot AW15 update? Block it with separates with luxurious tones of oxblood and cyclamen pink."


Style Crush: Fearne Cotton


I've been such a huge Fearne Cotton fan ever since I hit my teens. I feel like her style is something I've followed for as long as I can remember. I just love it. The tomboy style with a hint of print and a bit of grunge just sums up what I love.


My Trip to Amsterdam


On the 14th September I went to Amsterdam for the week. We got the coach to Amsterdam, and I would NOT recommend it. It took 15 hours and it was just awful, but it was so worth it when we got there. It is such a surreal place. It doesn't have that busy city vibe like London or Paris but it certainly isn't lacking in character. We spent pretty much everyday walking around and exploring.

On the first full day I knew what I wanted to do, which was go to Monki. Anyone who knows me knows that this is my shop, I LOVE MONKI. And it didn't disappoint, I could have bought everything in there ahhhhhhh. I was actually very good and only let myself buy one thing. I'll be doing an outfit post soon! Also this is probably THE best place for vintage shops. When I go back I would set one day just for hunting through the vintage shops as there is so many, you could spend hours in there!

We then went to see one of my favourite bands, Basement. They were supporting Brand New at the Melkweg. I think I could watch Basement everyday they were incredible and worth a 15 hour journey to watch. Having not really been a fan of Brand New I was surprised at how much I liked their set, their stage presence is insane, soooo good. (Go listen to Basement you won't regret it )

If you're going to Amsterdam anytime soon I would say the best museum to check out is the Museum of Prostitution. It was the most interesting one we went too and wasn't that expensive! I was quite surprised ha ha. I'd have loved to have gone to the Van Gogh museum but we ran out of time booooo.

I would so recommend Amsterdam if you're looking for a good city break with a lot of walking around and exploring! I will definitely be going back one day. The people are so friendly and welcoming wherever you go in Amsterdam and its such a pretty place. I felt like I was in a Sims 3 town or something. 

Frankee xx


AW15 Accessories Guide -


Farfetch are just fabulous and so creative. After working with them on a previous post I have again been asked to share another one of their awesome infographics for AW15. The theme is that you are looking at a Pandora's Box of stylish designer accessories that are a must for the AW season! Take a look below and let me know in the comments what your favourite pieces are or what inspiration you've taken from it! I personally adore the sleek look with the cute backpack.


The AW15 Accessories Guide

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French Connection A/W15 Picks


As mentioned in a previous post, I got a summer job at French Connection. It wasn't really a shop I went in before I worked there, but there's so many new pieces in the A/W collection that I had to share with you. It's all my kind of colours and style, yipee!

Frill Crepe Dress, £140 (Here)

Tapered Trousers, £75 (Here)

Diamond Embellished Oversized Shirt, £120 (Here)

Cotton Shirt Dress, £70 (Here)

Trapeze Dress, £130 (Here)

Collared Top, £35 (Here)
I have this in black and it fits sooooo nice

Wide Leg Culottes, £110 (Here)

Stripe T-Shirt, £35 (Here)

Frankee xx


10 Things I Learnt in First Year


My first year of University was not as fabulous as what everybody bigs it up to be (in my opinion)
So here is what first year taught me, hopefully it will help some of you starting in September!

1. Your flat will be disgusting. Nobody cleans up after themselves and if like me you hate mess, you'll find yourself becoming a maid. DO NOT CLEAN OTHER PEOPLES STUFF, ever! Do it once, and you'll be stuck doing it the rest of the year. You might be lucky, but I lived with tramps. See photo below lol.

2. Your lecturers will either be absolutely amazing and will do anything to help you or...will say "ummm" 125 in an hour long lecture and you'll end up dying of boredom.
HE SAID UMMM 125 TIMES. Do you even have a qualification to teach???

3. You are basically paying £9,000 a year for some old dude to read a PowerPoint to you

4. The friends you make in freshers week won't be the ones you stick with. The friends I made I met about a month into uni and they're mint.The ones I made in freshers week were twats :)

5. About 70% of students get mummy and daddy to pay for everything whilst you're living on 19p noodles from Lidl. They're usually southern as well, own a horse and cry if Tesco has run out of Hommous. (This genuinely happened, I just walked away)

6. Not many people put effort into their work in first year. I didn't,but I wish I had done now. But everybody goes with the attitude "first year doesn't count". I felt like I had a devil and angel on each shoulder, listen to the angel pls. Don't leave your 2,000 document extract till 2am that morning :)

7. There is always that one bellend who says the Midlands doesn't exist. You are either South or North. I go to Nottingham Trent which is in the EAST MIDLANDS. You are in my town now which is the MIDLANDS, so please please fuck off 

8. You'll make a select group of friends on your course who help you through all the shitty work and you'll all end up teaching eachother. Because, as I said, your lecturer just reads the PowerPoint to you. So, thanks friends for being amazing!

9. If you want to live in nice halls, expect your student loan to JUST cover it. My halls were £130 per week, and left me with about £250 to last me the 4 months between student loans. 

10. I believe the people who enjoy uni the most are the ones who don't have much of a social life at home. At home I have an amazing circle of friends and an amazing boyfriend. I preferred coming home at the weekend to see them than getting drunk with a load of pums and stuck up twats. But, some people flourish at uni and make the friends they don't have at home. I did love my first year and made some amazing friends but, don't go into first year with these high expectations, prepare yourself!

Much love,
Frankee x

p.s, A can find you anywhere, even at University (PLL reference there lol)


Fashion New Wave -


The lovely people at sent me their latest infographic "Fashion New Wave" featuring ways to do style differently. They document emerging trends and styles that are developing in the luxury fashion world. Fashion New Wave finds the styles that aren't yet mainstream and bring them to you! 

I'm loving this look right now. A trouser suit is something that is so current right now, and I wish I could pull off! Cigarette pants with a crisp shirt is just my go to outfit at the moment, mixing the masculine with a feminine touch by adding the perfect pair of strappy heels.
Victoria Beckham is in no doubt the queen of this trend.
Photo from: Vogue

Now this just explains my style completely. I LOVE TRAINERS. I just think pairing them with a chic outfit adds touch a unique style to it! It's all we are seeing right now in Paris Street Style, the amount of women killing the Adidas Stan Smith's is insane, so stylish yet so simple!
White trainers will an all camel outfit, drooooooling.
Photo from: Pinterest

Such a simple outfit trick that can instantly add a little something different to your look. As seen below being effortlessly pulled off by the gorgeous Alexa Chung. Its a perfect summer look.
Photo from: Pinterest

After recently finally getting my hands on an Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I can totally relate to this. Adding just a slight touch of colour or sparkle to your eyes just makes them pop. It's just enough to take you from day to night. I always use a little cream eyeshadow in the inner corner and blend into a more neutral brown tone for a simple everyday look.
Photo from: Pinterest

Surfer babe waves have always been a hair envy of mine! Long gone are the days of sleek bobs!
This is something I'm really tempted to try with my hair!
Photo From: Pinterest

Remember to check out FarFetch for some fashion luxury goodness!

Frankee x

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