10 Things I Learnt in First Year


My first year of University was not as fabulous as what everybody bigs it up to be (in my opinion)
So here is what first year taught me, hopefully it will help some of you starting in September!

1. Your flat will be disgusting. Nobody cleans up after themselves and if like me you hate mess, you'll find yourself becoming a maid. DO NOT CLEAN OTHER PEOPLES STUFF, ever! Do it once, and you'll be stuck doing it the rest of the year. You might be lucky, but I lived with tramps. See photo below lol.

2. Your lecturers will either be absolutely amazing and will do anything to help you or...will say "ummm" 125 in an hour long lecture and you'll end up dying of boredom.
HE SAID UMMM 125 TIMES. Do you even have a qualification to teach???

3. You are basically paying £9,000 a year for some old dude to read a PowerPoint to you

4. The friends you make in freshers week won't be the ones you stick with. The friends I made I met about a month into uni and they're mint.The ones I made in freshers week were twats :)

5. About 70% of students get mummy and daddy to pay for everything whilst you're living on 19p noodles from Lidl. They're usually southern as well, own a horse and cry if Tesco has run out of Hommous. (This genuinely happened, I just walked away)

6. Not many people put effort into their work in first year. I didn't,but I wish I had done now. But everybody goes with the attitude "first year doesn't count". I felt like I had a devil and angel on each shoulder, listen to the angel pls. Don't leave your 2,000 document extract till 2am that morning :)

7. There is always that one bellend who says the Midlands doesn't exist. You are either South or North. I go to Nottingham Trent which is in the EAST MIDLANDS. You are in my town now which is the MIDLANDS, so please please fuck off 

8. You'll make a select group of friends on your course who help you through all the shitty work and you'll all end up teaching eachother. Because, as I said, your lecturer just reads the PowerPoint to you. So, thanks friends for being amazing!

9. If you want to live in nice halls, expect your student loan to JUST cover it. My halls were £130 per week, and left me with about £250 to last me the 4 months between student loans. 

10. I believe the people who enjoy uni the most are the ones who don't have much of a social life at home. At home I have an amazing circle of friends and an amazing boyfriend. I preferred coming home at the weekend to see them than getting drunk with a load of pums and stuck up twats. But, some people flourish at uni and make the friends they don't have at home. I did love my first year and made some amazing friends but, don't go into first year with these high expectations, prepare yourself!

Much love,
Frankee x

p.s, A can find you anywhere, even at University (PLL reference there lol)

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