Lou Lou's Vintage Fair - Nottingham


Today I went to Lou Lou's Vintage Fair which was in Nottingham at the Albert Hall Conference Centre. It was such a beautiful building inside as well! Having been a vintage lover for several years now I've been to a large number of vintage fairs but, this is now my favourite! 
At some vintage fairs you find that the stalls include vintage clothing that has been altered or tie-dyed, which wasn't the case here. Everything was just pure vintage and hadn't been touched or altered and was just awesome. The stall's were all really reasonably priced as well, vintage these days can be quite pricey but here that wasn't really the case. 
As well as the obvious clothing stalls there was vintage china, cutlery, tea cups, records, magazines, a vintage style cafe and a make-over area.
It was such a lovely atmosphere and with the 50's music playing I felt like I was an extra in Grease ha ha.

I've been after a Levi denim jacket for what seems like a lifetime now, and I found this one for an awesome £24, from a stall called Shado Vintage. Check them out on Facebook here
This is just the perfect stonewash denim that I've been looking for and I'm so pleased! The price is so great to say it's vintage Levi as well. *happy face*

I also picked up another silk scarf (I'm obsessed, soz) I couldn't resist, look at that cute golf pattern!

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair is going round the country at the moment, if you're a vintage lover I highly recommend visiting! Check out their Facebook page here

Frankee x 

bucket bag

OOTD: Chunky


Jumper - H&M (Here)
Jeans - ARK
Boots - LoveClothing (Here)
Bucket Bag - Primark
Scarf - Braderie

I bought this chunky knit jumper in the H&M online sale and I'm in love, I only paid £7 and now it's even cheaper in the sale arhhhhh! I'm obsessed with the seventies look that's working it's way into the s/s collections right now, which inspired me to buy this gorgeous silk scarf from a vintage store called Braderie. I'm thinking of styling it either with my new bucket bag (which was only £4 from Primark, day made!) or as a cute neckerchief to add a touch of colour to my usual monochrome filled outfits.

Frankee <3


DIY - Shabby Chic Furniture


I decided recently that I wanted to redecorate my room. It was really outdated and just didn't suit me anymore, I'd out grown it shall we say. The walls were a garish pink and yellow, *shudders*. I was a bit of a hoarder as well and there was just clutter everywhere, I hated it. 
So, in my University reading week (No I didn't read anything lol) I decided it was time to decorate!

I actually quite liked my furniture, I just hated the color of the pine! So after some research I decided to have a go at painting and distressing the furniture myself, and I'm actually really pleased with the results - so I thought I'd share them with you guys!

I started off by sanding down the surfaces with a fine sand paper, then removed all the knobs off of the drawers as I knew I wanted to keep them the original colour. Once sanded I applied two coats of an undercoat/primer paint, which was white.

Once the undercoat had dried I applied a white emulsion paint as the top coat, and I only applied one coat of this. Once this has dried I got my sand paper and started to distress. Sanding down small sections to reveal parts of the wood, like it had worn away over time. After you've distressed to your hearts content all you have left to do is apply a clear wood varnish and you're done!

Here is my dressing table before:|

and after...

Here is the rest of my furniture:

I'm so pleased with the results! And it was such a simple thing to do as well, and just really lights up the room. 
For my wall colours I went for white and one statement wall in a gorgeous grey colour from Wilko's called "Flintstone". Grey, white, black and a hint of pink is all the colour I need in my room now!

I'll be doing another post this week about the accessories I've been buying for my room!

Frankee x

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