Lou Lou's Vintage Fair - Nottingham


Today I went to Lou Lou's Vintage Fair which was in Nottingham at the Albert Hall Conference Centre. It was such a beautiful building inside as well! Having been a vintage lover for several years now I've been to a large number of vintage fairs but, this is now my favourite! 
At some vintage fairs you find that the stalls include vintage clothing that has been altered or tie-dyed, which wasn't the case here. Everything was just pure vintage and hadn't been touched or altered and was just awesome. The stall's were all really reasonably priced as well, vintage these days can be quite pricey but here that wasn't really the case. 
As well as the obvious clothing stalls there was vintage china, cutlery, tea cups, records, magazines, a vintage style cafe and a make-over area.
It was such a lovely atmosphere and with the 50's music playing I felt like I was an extra in Grease ha ha.

I've been after a Levi denim jacket for what seems like a lifetime now, and I found this one for an awesome £24, from a stall called Shado Vintage. Check them out on Facebook here
This is just the perfect stonewash denim that I've been looking for and I'm so pleased! The price is so great to say it's vintage Levi as well. *happy face*

I also picked up another silk scarf (I'm obsessed, soz) I couldn't resist, look at that cute golf pattern!

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair is going round the country at the moment, if you're a vintage lover I highly recommend visiting! Check out their Facebook page here

Frankee x 

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  1. Thanks for the mention Frankee! We hope to be at Lou Lou's Vintage fair next time its in Nottingham so come say Hello and we will give you a discount! We will also give a discount to any of your Blog readers who mention your blog to us! Andy & Saz - SHADO RETRO & VINTAGE :-)

    1. Awesome! Thank you so much :) and thanks for visiting my blog!
      Frankee x


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