OOTD: Coated


Jeans - Topshop (Here)
Shoes - Nike (Here)
Jumper - Topshop 
Scarf - Cow
Blazer - Forever 21
Bag - Primark (Old)

In response to my post the other week about not being able to find jeans that fit me...I FOUND SOME GUYS. YAAAY! After a bunch of helpful comments I decided on the Topshop Joni coated black jeans, and I love them. They actually fit me. Like actual fit like actually fit OMG YH.
Happiness is strong, woop!

Frankee x


The Trauma of Jean Shopping


Jean shopping. I hate it, I actually hate it. This past week I have been trawling about my city centre going into every shop possible to find the right pair of jeans and quite clearly they do not exist (or are incredibly difficult to find)

My body shape is an awkward one, I'm not complaining though, I don't particularly mind my body. My legs are a size 6/8, my bum/hips are a 10 and my waist is a 4/6 (UK size). So as you can probably understand it is quite difficult to find good fitting jeans, especially high waisted jeans which are my faves. A size 8 jean is just a bit too small around my bum/hip area but fits my legs perfectly. A size 10 fits my bum/hip area but is way to big on my legs and the jeans look baggy. I can't win. I also just do not understand all these w28 l30 sizes, HELP PLS. 

It just seems that whatever shop I go in they do not fit or don't even have my size. An 8 in River Island was so skin tight I walked like I'd shit myself but an 8 in Primark was extremely baggy and fell down, WHAT IS WRONG WITH JEANS. I have 2 pairs of jeans that fit me perfectly and I've had them for about 5 years because I just cannot find anymore. This problem lies more with skinny jeans or just fitted jeans in general in my opinion. I have a few pairs of Mom jeans and I've never had a problem finding them to fit as they're baggy anyway. Although I have to wear a belt with every pair as the waist is just too big.

All I am asking for is just a pair of high waisted jeans that fit me perfectly, so I don't have to sacrifice having to either wear a belt with everything or having my legs sucked in super tight. 
Ya hear?

If anyone has some recommendations of good places for jeans let me know!
Frankee x

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