Bleach London Violet Skies: My Review


I've been feeling kind of bored with my hair recently so I decided to go "crazy" and put some lilac in my hair. I use Bleach London's Silver Shampoo and their White Toner so decided to stick with their brand. Violet Skies is a non-permanent hair colourant that works on white/light blonde hair and lasts for 2-10 washes. To me I'd consider the ends of my hair to be light blonde, which is where I wanted to apply the product.
Now, before I continue my first piece of advice before using this product....DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOTTLE. 

On the bottle it says to apply to towel dried shampooed hair and leave for 15 minutes. This left NO colour on my hair whatsoever. So, my brain got thinking. I then dried my hair and applied the product straight on DRY HAIR. I left it on for around 40 minutes. This product contains no bleach so it's safe to leave it on longer than 15 minutes. The results this time were the complete opposite. It only took to the proper bleached light blonde highlights in my hair, but it worked! If you're wanting a bright purple I do not recommend Violet Skies but this was the perfect shade of lilac I wanted. I'd suggest this for people wanting that grey/lilac hair that's super popular right now. Great for if you fancy a change of colour but nothing permanent. 



I'm currently on DAY 2 and the colour has stayed, I have washed my hair once but it didn't fade too much. I'm having my hair coloured again next week and will be going lighter, I'll deffo try this again when I have even lighter hair.


 Hope you found this helpful if you've had trouble with this product too! Let me know in the                                                                                         comments 
Frankee x

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