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Creating My Dream Closet

I began my search with the obvious choice, a hunt on Pinterest for inspiration. I would most definitely have to have a walk in wardrobe. I think I've wanted a walk in wardrobe ever since I first saw The Princess Diaries (SHUT UP) 

I love the look of rails. I'd have one set up similar to the photo below with just a few of my favourite clothing items or I'd swap it over to match with what season it is!

Image from: Pinterest
I like the idea of it being a room I could also get ready in. I'd probably put a small dressing table in there and my record player. In my dreams I'd have to convert half the room into an art studio and half a wardrobe. I'd love a little room just for all my art stuff where I could sit and draw all day.

Image from: Pinterest

Image from: Pinterest

Everything would have to look minimal, so lots of drawers to hide things (mess) in would be perfect. My favourite colours are black and grey so the room would fit with the theme of black and grey minimalism. I wouldn't put anything girly in the room kinda like the images I've included has done. Instead there would probably be a band flag rather than a Chanel frame haaaaa. But similar to the photos, there would be hundreds of succulents.
 And if this is a dream closet I'd have a pet bed in there, for my dream doge. 


This has inspired me to make the most of my wardrobe space I currently have. If  like me you're a bit of a clothing hoarder, the MakeSpace flowchart might help you become a bit more ruthless with what you should keep or give away! If you haven't heard of them before, MakeSpace is a storage company! Their blog has a lot of different articles on ways to keep organised.

Image from: MakeSpace
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