What To Wear: Scrooge


I personally don't get into the Christmas spirit until about December 20th. So if you're like me you struggle to find a "festive" outfit for all of the Christmas meals, parties and all those other times you get told to dress "Christmassy". Here are a few items I've found that are festive but not screaming "MICHAEL BUBLE CHRISTMAS ALBUM". (This is pretty much a list of black things with a bit of glitter on them)

Urban Outfitters

Pins & Needles Metallic Pleated Skirt
This beaut is in the sale for £25! Metallic but not too sparkly.


Scallop Mix Lace Dress
I almost bought this for my work party but decided to be "sensible" and wear something I already owned. Don't regret it at all...nope...

Star Print Ruffle Blouse
I'm obsessed with this shade of green right now, its so pretty and kinda the same colour as a Christmas tree, therefore FESTIVE.

Glitter Strappy Culotte Jumpsuit
I think I own about 30 culotte jumpsuits, and there is always room for more


Smock dresses are my favourite, and this one has a little sparkle.

Tartan = Christmas

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