Art: Morbid Chalk


Drawing is probably one of my favourite things to do and it always has been. I always regretted not doing art at uni a little bit so kept up art as my main hobby. Within my job I've been able to create the chalkboard art for them and this has inspired what I'd like to share with you which is, Morbid Chalk. Kawaii and Creepy chalk pen illustrations.

Morbid Chalk is my new Etsy store! I have always struggled to find wall art for my favourite tv shows/films/characters etc that:
1. I actually like
2. Is sold in the UK
3.That exists

Morbid Chalk aims to combine my love for drawing with my favourite things, which hopefully other people like too. There will be a lot of anime, horror, kawaii and creepy goodness. If you're a fan of The Simpsons, The Office US, Louis Theroux, Horror Films or just cute characters hopefully you will see something you like. I am also doing commissions so if there is something you would like, or perhaps you would like a portrait of your pet, just message me on any of the social media linked below!

Facebook: Morbid Chalk
Instagram: @morbidchalk

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