What They Don't Tell You About Graduation


I have officially graduated with a BA Hons degree in History from Nottingham Trent University. Can I get a woop woop (ew). Graduation isn't quite what I personally expected. I guess I expected the end of Legally Blonde where we're all dead cute and throw our hats into the air, but no. I didn't throw my hat. It didn't move off of my head all day. There was a sea of grads throwing their hats outside trying to get the perfect boomerang for insta. But me being a scrooge just didn't wanna. So here is a few things that you don't realise about graduation until you're actually there.

1. You spend most of the day away from friends/family
You arrive with your guests you chose to bring with you, have photos with your friends and then BAM. You're sat in the hall for almost two hours in alphabetical order. Probably sat in between two people on your course who won't recognise you cause ya know....you didn't turn up to your seminars for half the year. 

2. The cap and gown is heavier than it looks
I was not prepared for the weight of that hat. Wow. The only way I can explain it is that it is like walking with a pile of 5 books on the top of your head. Like in Princess Diaries, which is fabulous when its a warm sunny day and your foundation is smearing all over it. I will say, you spend the day gliding round feeling like Voldemort in that gown. Which I personally enjoyed.

3. A stranger dresses you in your cap and gown
As I was queuing for my gown, I soon realised that there is people who actually dress you. Me being the awkward human I am immediately panicked and wanted to snatch my gown and run. It wasn't THAT bad but having some random chap adjusting your gown around ya booblies is a tad awks.

4. It's kinda stressful finding what to wear, which actually just gets covered my your gown
Formal is the only dress code you're given. Which is super easy if you're planning on wearing a suit. (I nearly did, a baby pink one) But anything else its a struggle. I stressed for so long over what to wear and then I put my gown on. MY WHOLE OUTFIT WAS COVERED I DIDN'T NEED TO STRESS AT ALL.

5. Its actually not as scary as you think
You spend weeks, even possibly years if you're like me and over plan everything, worrying about this day. Fretting that you might do a Lizzie McGuire and trip over on stage wrecking the backdrop. But chill, its fine. Yeah it's a little freaky waiting to walk across the stage but its fine, and I DIDN'T FALL. 

P.S my dress is this one, the bag is old H&M and my shoes are old Public Desire ones.

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